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CCP-7035-SH: Bidet Shower Toilets

CCP-7035-SH: Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-SH: Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-SH: Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-SH: Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-SH: Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-SH: Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-SH: Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-SH: Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-SH: Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-SH: Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-SH: Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-SH: Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-SH: Bidet Shower Toilets

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On average our customers rate this product 5 out of 5.

Quick Delivery

Review by on 04th July 2023

Ordered and delivered in a very quick time and well packaged so no risk of turning up damaged.

Good Toilet, easy to i nstall

Review by on 23rd October 2020

The Toilet came quickly, however coming to Northern Ireland, they added a large delivery charge on.
Getting this installed this Monday, and I will perform as good as it says.

Response from bidet showers.
Thank you for your review.
Unfortunately going to Northern Ireland it has to be packed on a pallet, then delivered by Truck and Ferry so the cost for delivery is more than mainland U.K. and is clearly shown prior to committing to purchase. We apply a small subsidy to the delivery charge and do not pass on the full cost charged to us by the courier.
Many thanks again for giving us a review, we hope you are thoroughly delighted with your Bidet Toilet.

Best wishes from the team


Review by on 03rd August 2020

We are very happy with our purchase; the quality and finish are excellent. We live quite close to the company and were able to visit and the advice provided by the team was extremely helpful. The insight into installation and the use of the integration kit was great. We purchased a kit which made the installation much easier and the end result looking very tidy.

Pleasant Surprise

Review by on 05th January 2020

The comfort height is helpful in rising from the toilet. The shower toilet seat is comfortable and operates faultlessly. The variety of different modes of operation is comprehensive and once mastered provides plenty of choice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this bidet toilet.

Pleasant Surprise

Review by on 05th January 2020

The comfort height is helpful in rising from the toilet. The shower toilet is great and

A very useful bidet shower toilet

Review by on 03rd November 2018

This helps to keep me clean and is most useful if you have a disability.

he supply and performance of the Kaizean Bidet Shower

Review by on 20th October 2018

The company,and in particular Brian Lucas,were excellent, They delivered at exceptionally short notice the appliance which was fitted by my own plumber at a very reasonable cost,total for the device and fitting £1500.00 instead of the £3800.00 quoted by another company,that was just the cost of appliance,fitting by them was to cost a further £1150.00. The device was delivered spot on the time promised found to correct in every respect and fitted with no difficulty in 11 hours not the three days according to our other quote. The device up to present is working exactly as it should and we are delighted with Kaizean company and Mr Lucas.

Excellent Product

Review by on 21st September 2018

The service and goods are second to none.

Extremely pleased customer

Review by on 21st July 2018

From original contact with Lucas he was extremely informative and helpful at every stage from advice to placing the order sorting the VAT refund and delivery we could not fault his professionalism.

The product is excellent looks very modern and is exceptional value for money.

We would recommend this product and company to everyone.

CCP-7035: Bidet Shower Toilet

Review by on 18th July 2018

After considerable research I chose the CCP-7035 for my new bathroom. My wife has suffered from IBS and incontinence for much of her adult life so this bidet helps her cope with what would otherwise be a very distressing problem.

Good for the disabled

Review by on 08th July 2018

This product has proved ideal for my elderly disabled mother who had been struggling with her previous toilet. She has been able to use the remote control handset with no problem and is very happy with her new toilet.

We did have an initial problem with the toilet. It turned out to be a manufacturing fault with the flow valve being faulty. However someone came out the next day and fitted a new valve. Since then everything has been working perfectly.

Easy to use

Review by on 07th July 2018

I got this as I have hips. It makes my life much easier and painless.
The sales person was very helpful and help me to select the right product.

Bidet shower

Review by on 20th June 2018

The bidet shower is fitted in my parents' home but not, as yet, used. I therefore can't give an opinion apart from saying that it looks smart and the service was excellent.
You should disregard the 3 I have given as I can't rate it.

Purchased for a disability grant contract

Review by on 25th May 2018

Great product and great service. Our customer is very happy. Staff are very easy to talk to and address any concerns. It looks great and very modern.

Remote Controlled Bidet

Review by on 09th March 2018

Neat remote with all the functions easily to hand. Easy to clean and operate

CCP-7035 Remote controlled shower toilet

Review by on 05th March 2018

Ordering and paying was so easy. Progress of the order was passed often. The package arrived extremely well protected and with no damages. The delivery driver telephoned several times to make us aware of his estimated arrival time. Although the unit has not yet been installed as building work continues I am sure that we will be very pleased with the result.

Finally have my independence back

Review by on 06th January 2018

The toilet function are amazing, this has given me the ability to have a level of privacy with being disabled.

The quality of cistern, pan and electronic function are of a very high standard.

I am extremely pleased with my purchased. The company are also extremely helpful.

Excellent service, interesting product

Review by on 10th December 2017

The new shower toilet was installed about 10 days ago. It looks good and works well (though we are still learning how to use it).
Particular thanks go to Lucas who provided excellent advice, speedy delivery etc and ensured everything went smoothly.
M<any thanks

Had to have one of these after our holiday in Japan!

Review by on 28th November 2017

When we decided to refurbish our bathroom, I decided that this was our chance instal power to the bathroom and to re-live our refreshing Japanese experiences!

I ordered the toilet and, being unsure of our installation programme, opted to pay for the rapid delivery service. We stayed in all day but the item was not delivered on the date the courier specified. I contacted Kaizen, who were most apologetic. It appears that the courier had failed to advise Kaizen that there had been a problem and that the item would not be delivered that day. Kaizen offered an immediate refund of the express delivery cost and even offered to allow me to cancel the order if I wanted. You can't say fairer than that!

The toilet arrived on the following day. It was very well packed. My plumber had absolutely no problem with the installation of either the toilet or the seat, and considered it a well designed item. We had no need to further contact Kaizen. My wife who had previously been sceptical, joined me in approving the design of the toilet and seat.

I have now had the opportunity to check out all the features, and find everything to be working OK. It does exactly what it says. Both my wife and myself are now looking forward to many refreshing moments!

CCP-7035 Review

Review by on 12th October 2017

It took me quite some time to research the market for electric shower toilets with remote control. The 7035R was under the final three products I considered and I can now say that I made the right choice. The product is of high quality and the communication with the company has been very good and helpful. Delivery was fast and the goods came well packaged. I can recommend the product and company and would buy there again.

Bidet toilet

Review by on 22nd September 2017

Easy to fit and after a few days managed to get to grips with it.

Toilet seat very narrow

Review by on 29th July 2017

We find the toilet seat is very narrow and generally too small for the toilet pan. It does not have the necessary depth to sit comfortably on the pan which was bought with the seat as a single unit. Consequently the seat very uncomfortable to sit on and this is colouring my opinion of the appliance. Hopefully it wont notice so much as I get used to using it. I haven't had a chance to try all the functions but the unit seems to be working well.

Response from our team:
Thank you for your feed back, the seat is a prefect fit to the pan, as will ALL bidet toilets the seat aperture is slightly tighter than a conventional seat as all the water heater pump and controls are housed at the rear of the seat and the seat also has to accommodate a heater element, In conclusion all the parts that matter perfectly positioned over the seat aperture no matter how large you are, the seat can accommodate persons up to 150Kg

Thank you again for your feed back

Super Shower Toilet

Review by on 26th July 2017

Very pleased with the shower toiler provided - easy to fit, simple to control and very functional!

Excellent service from Bidet Showers too - clearly they had inspected all items before carefully packing onto a fresh pallet that arrived very quickly - super pleased!

Solved a problem

Review by on 14th July 2017

My wife has had an operation on her hand and is very pleased with the product

Best decision this year

Review by on 22nd March 2017

We bought the shower toilet for our elderly father for whom we are primary carers. This could be the best decision made this year as it is an enormous help to him and us in the form of personal care.

Having used it, the shower toilet is very hygenic, easy to use and feels like ' you have come out of the shower'.

Excellent Product & Excellent service

Review by on 16th February 2017

Just had the complete unit installed and tried it out works very well life will be so much easier for me now.. easy to setup and use a very clever piece of kit.. many thanks to Lucas who kept me updated on purchase, very quick delivery and any queries that I had I cannot recommend enough.
Thank you.

Fantastic product and service

Review by on 06th February 2017

I asked a question regarding the height of the toilet and was answered almost straight away. The ordering was easy and very straight forward on the website. The order was placed and I was sent emails thanking me for the order and I was given email updates every step of the way, advising me of where my unit was in the ordering process and was delivered in a matter of days. What a delight it was to be asked to open the delivery and check the unit for any damage before signing for the delivery - not because it may be damaged, but because if there were damage, they would send a replacement without me having to wait longer.
I cannot thank the company enough for a great customer experience, and if you are undecided, I would recommend purchasing from them. Without a doubt.

Amazing - health and comfort benefits.

Review by on 05th February 2017

I purchased this to support times when my disability got the better of me but now that it has been installed it is everyday use by the family. There are two toilets in the house and it is this one that is used almost exclusively. My disability means that I sometimes have to use a toilet many, many times a day leading to physical discomfort. Discomfort now seems to be a thing of the past. Fitting was carried out by a professional and I recommend this for anybody of up to average DIY skills. Expensive for a toilet but I considering another for the second loo.

My experience with my shower toilet

Review by on 15th January 2017

It took me a little while to master the controls. The instructions were not very clear. I did not find the on/off button at first. However my 12 year old grand daughter had no problem. I am now very pleased with my shower toilet and feel very clean after using it.

Good personal service

Review by on 31st October 2016

Nice personal service have not fitted yet, bought remote control unit with close coupled unit

Good... but not a perfect fitting experience

Review by on 15th August 2016

My (very competent) plumber had problems with securing the pan to the tank. He had to come back twice to deal with a small leak which was very frustrating and inconvenient. In the end, he had to improvise on the supplied bolts etc to make a sound connection. Unfortunately on each occasion the whole toilet had to be disconnected etc to detect and eventually fix the fault. We are still (to this day) not entirely sure what was actually causing the slow leaks.

On the bright side, we are pleased with the quality of the toilet and particularly the bidet seat. We found the number of different options available to control the bidet - excellent, if you don’t like one option there always a number of others to choose from. Customer service was excellent and I would recommend this supplier with confidence. Here are a few likes and dislikes:

Quality product and looks ok (for a toilet)
Excellent customer service
Packed beautifully
Eco feature/ mode
Range of options
Easy to follow instructions
Remote control works a treat

The seat opening is somewhat smaller than expected – bit of a tight squeeze!
Fittings supplied to connect pan to the tank are very “suspect”
Drying feature runs either too cold or hot (turbo mode)
Water pressure (even turned up to full - level 5) seems somewhat “lacklustre”.
Bit on the expensive side

Despite these dislikes, we remain happy with our purchase and would recommend.

Excellent customer service

Review by on 10th July 2016

I phoned initially with a number of queries and was impressed and reassured by the responses I received. Delivery was arranged as I requested. As there has been a delay in the installation I can only say that all the components look to be very good quality, and we are looking forward to being able to use it very soon.

Bidet shower toilet

Review by on 05th July 2016

I received my bidet shower toilet today , I would like to thank LUCAS for all my questions answered it was a pleasure to of ordered with ease and peace of mind . Purchased for my mother when fitted I will review with my experience . But at this stage Lucas from bidet showers has made my shopping experience a pleasure with excellent communications , it so exceeded my expectations and so swiftly from advice to transaction and of corse the delivery super efficient thankyou to delivery service too... A1 +++ seller you can order with confidence once again many thanks and much appreciated
Carmela ...

Wow, super service, great product

Review by on 12th May 2016

The service I got was really super. I had a few issies about the design, and several toilets were delivered and demonstrated so that I could choose. The toilet is now installed. In the past I have suffered from 'feeble flushers' This toilet is a a great flusher. The bidet unit works well. From what I remember in japan this unit hasn't quite got the pressure of a Toto unit, but, it costs a fraction of the price. Overall, I am delighted. Super company to deal with, great value for money product.

Very pleased

Review by on 20th April 2016

I am very pleased with my purchase of the above shower toilet. My contact with Mr. Lucas of Bidet Showers was always extremely helpful. He was very patient with all my questions. The carrier was also first class. I live on the second floor of Retirement apartments and although there is a lift, the pallet on which the goods arrive was too big, The carrier without any fuss, unpacked the items so that singly they could use the lift. The only suggestion I would make to a future purchaser is to consider the remote control format. I have arthritis and not very good eye-sight, so being able to hold the remote control and see what I am doing is first-class.

Excellent service

Review by on 17th March 2016

I want to thank Bidet Showers for their telephone support in ordering the product.

Quality on all fronts

Review by on 12th March 2016

This supplier honoured an obsolete price point, delivered speedily and the product was top quality as advertised. You can order from here with confidence.

Great Innovation

Review by on 16th February 2016

A great product which makes going to the bathroom a lot more hygienic. wash and dry with variable settings for male, female and kids. Ability to change water temperature, pressure, nozzle positions and seat heat.

Small negatives: No ability to control dryer temperature. Seat is permanently heated. No automatic flush.

Thank you for completing our review:

We note and thank you for your observations and would like to respond respond as follows
Dryer has 2 settings standard and turbo
Seat heating CAN be turned off as detailed on page 10 of user manual
Automatic flush is NOT part of the model specification.

Remote shower toilet

Review by on 13th February 2016

Very good quality products at reasonable price.
Excellent customer service.
Would recommend with confidence.

Looks fantastic, very fast delivery

Review by on 10th December 2015

Toilet and seat look even better then expected, they do not have the bulky look of other bidet seats, very slim and contoured. Delivery was very fast, but curb side only which was a bit of a pain but all in all a great product and service.

wash and dry W.C.

Review by on 28th November 2015

Very good product so far

Fantastic quality product

Review by on 17th July 2015

Have just fitted this today in a bathroom for my mother. Really good quality ceramics. Really good quality fittings. It is very pleasing looks wise. So is a nice addition to the bathroom.
Very pleased

Shower Toilet

Review by on 19th June 2015

Having limited use of left hand and no use of right hand this was an essential buy for me, I find it most useful to help with everyday living, the price was the best that could be found, and delivery was first class.

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CCP-7035-SH: Bidet Shower Toilets


CCP-7035-SH: Bidet Shower Toilets, with remote control: A stunning combination of our remote controlled electronic bidet seat and our exquisitely styled rimless close coupled toilet in pure white vitreous china. This close coupled toilet can be paired with all our UB range of seats. Toilet also is available in comfort height version if required which 70mm higher at £1265 inclusive.
Please click image to be directed to the product page for full specification details and Installation guides.
Free delivery in mainland U.K., an additional delivery charge of £39.95 will apply to areas of the U.K. considered remote by the delivery companies such as but not limited to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. (Please view more information by clicking the tab below for a list of locations considered "remote") Delivery in 2 ~ 7 days from receipt of order dependent on your location.

In stock

Free UK delivery in 2~7 days

Secure shopping

delivery available

Product Description

CCP-7035-SH: Bidet Shower Toilets:

A combination rimless close coupled remote control shower toilet in pure white vitreous china.

True contemporary elegance and excellence in design. An exquisite combination of our full specification remote controlled electronic bidet seat perfectly paired with our luxurious rimless close coupled toilet in pure white vitreous china, an absolutely stunning addition to any bathroom or toilet. This close coupled toilet can be paired with all our U style bidet toilet seats. The unit  also is available in comfort height version which 70mm higher at £1263.00 inclusive, if required available in comfort height version  (to view details of Comfort Height unit click HERE

Delivered in 2~7 working days from receipt of order depending on your location, There is an additional charge of £39.95 for areas in the U.K. considered "Remote" by our courier and £89.95 to Europe and non-mainland U.K. Please click for REMOTE AREA LOCATIONS

Installation Requirements

  • Connection piping to the sewerage waste system
  • The seat requires a mains water supply of between 0.07 Mpa (0.7 bar) and 0.74 Mpa (7.4 bar) pressure. The inlet for the seat water supply is on the left facing the toilet pan.
  • A fully compliant power source to the seat (in U.K. to BS7671) and located within 1.5m of the center line of the toilet (240V 50Hz 1.7Kw max) suggest located on the right facing pan.
  • Before Installing if you have any doubts please call 01442 843746 for technical guidance. Click HERE to view a video of the seat installation guide.

Videos of the CCP Range of Close Coupled Bidet Toilets: Please click on the appropriate link

General Specification

Pan and Cistern

  • Contemporary modern rimless design
  • Dual flush cistern 3/6 litre Flush with Chrome Flush Button, bottom RH water connection
  • Made from High-Quality Vitreous China 
  • Suitable for horizontal & bottom soil pipe connections, click HERE to view waste pipe
  • Pan Assembly quick guide click HERE
  • Click HERE to view Video demonstrating how to adjust the water fill volume and dual flush discharge volumes

1.  Electronic Bidet Seat

  • Made from germ-resistant plastic for maximum hygiene
  • Posterior cleansing with a variable spray for all the family
  • Feminine cleansing, separate nozzle exclusively to assist with feminine hygiene, especially effective during menstruation or pregnancy.
  • Variable spray (5 settings)
  • Adjustable wands position
  • Aerated spray
  • Kids function
  • “IIP” (Intensive Impulse Pulsation) function
  • “Auto” function (hygiene + dryer)
  • Jet type: continuous or with a variable flow for better cleansing action
  • Warm water with variable temperature setting (3 levels)
  • Warm air dryer with variable temperature setting (5 levels)
  • Heate seatr
  • Deodorizer
  • Continuous water heating
  • Intelligent energy saving function
  • Touch active remote control handset with wall dock
  • Side mounted supplementary buttons
  • Automatic cleaning of the wands before and after each use
  • Gentle closing seat and lid
  • Touch activated on/off sensor to prevent overspray
  • Self-check
  • Easy installation
  • Water connection on left side of the seat facing toilet, power cable connected center back of seat
  • Pan pure white china
  • Net weight with pan; 48Kg

2. Warm air dryer

  • Adjustable (5 levels)
  • Power Consumption 280 ~ 333 W
  • Safety devices: Temp Fuse

3. Heated Seat

  • Heated Seat: Temperature Adjustable Off to (3 levels) / 34 °C - 40 °C
  • Safety Device: Temp Fuse
  • Power Consumption: 55 ~ 65 W

4. Deodorizer

  • Automatic start: dedoriser starts automatically when the seat is occupied.

5. Safety

  • Electricity Safety Protection: 15 mA - GFCI
  • Temp Fuse
  • IP24 rated

6. Materials

  • Easy detachable: a convenient bracket plate provides easy attachment and detachment of the main body for an easy toilet cleaning.
  • Soft-closing lid and seat: Function to make lid and seat open and close smoothly
  • Easy lid removal: Lid is easy to install and remove for a perfect cleaning.
  • Nanosilver technology: applied to the water tank and nozzles give them antibacterial properties.
  • Ultrasonic waterproof soldering seat: It is easy to use with safety in a humid toilet room with the help of spinning design providing a waterproof function and preventing water drops from being soaked into.
  • Antibacterial resins: Adapted antibacterial resin preventing colitis germs and sundry germs from being propagated.
  • Toilet pan: pure white vitreous china

7. Power rating and energy consumption

  • Power rating: AC 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Energy consumption: 1660 - 1975 W
  • Power cord length: 1.5 m
  • Intelligent energy saving function
  • Potable Water: Pressure 0.5 ~ 7.4 Atm

8. Warranty

  • Electronic seat 2 years warranty parts and labour, K, ISO9001
  • Toilet/cistern 2 years all parts

9. International Certification

  • CE, EMC, JET, Dentori, K, ISO9001
  • Please Note. To achieve full compliance an ‘Approved’ single check valve or some other no less effective back-flow prevention device providing backflow prevention protection to at least fluid category two must be fitted at the point of connection between the water supply and the water inlet to this appliance.

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