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VitrA V-Care Smart Bidet Toilet, Comfort

VitrA V-Care Smart Bidet Toilet, ComfortVitrA V-Care Smart Bidet Toilet, ComfortVitrA V-Care Smart Bidet Toilet, ComfortVitrA V-Care Smart Bidet Toilet, ComfortVitrA V-Care Smart Bidet Toilet, ComfortVitrA V-Care Smart Bidet Toilet, ComfortVitrA V-Care Smart Bidet Toilet, ComfortVitrA V-Care Smart Bidet Toilet, ComfortVitrA V-Care Smart Bidet Toilet, ComfortVitrA V-Care Smart Bidet Toilet, ComfortVitrA V-Care Smart Bidet Toilet, ComfortVitrA V-Care Smart Bidet Toilet, Comfort

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Looks great

Review by on 01st April 2023

All installed in our delayed ensuite but haven't had the pleasure of using it yet. It looks great though and can't wait to use it.

Vitra V care

Review by on 20th February 2023

I have received the product and it look very nice

What a treat!

Review by on 23rd January 2023

Decided to be self-indulgent in buying myself this all singing all dancing bidet toilet. Kaizens were very helpful with the ordering process. There was a little problem with the toilet pan when the plumbers went to install it, but Kaizens sorted everything out very quickly and I now look forward to getting to know my new piece of luxury kit. I've given it 4 stars because I haven't yet worked out how to use all the facilities, but am hoping for a 5.


Review by on 11th January 2023

I can't thank Lucus enough for the pool of knowledge he has, was the most helpful gentleman throughout my whole renovation. Have not yet installed the toilet, will keep you posted. Thank you

Great product- the one I didn't know I needed

Review by on 02nd October 2022

This is a great product and does everything as it says. Comfortable and nice to use.

Redefining Toilet!

Review by on 02nd March 2022

The Vitra V-Care Comfort has totally changed our bathroom experience and it is going to be really hard to have to use any other traditional toilets. Clean, easy to use and stylish looking too. Phenomenal!

Vitra V-Care Comfort

Review by on 28th September 2021

Lucas supplied 8 V-Care toilets for one our customers, we had never installed the brand previously but were pleasantly surprised with the spec of the toilets, for the cost they had more features than more expensive units. Please be advised if installing on existing frames, mounting kits will need to be ordered in addition to the pans. Other than that they appear to be really good.

japanese toilet order

Review by on 20th September 2021

I recommend the bidet shower company for its great professionalism, responsiveness and business acumen. I ordered the toilet, it arrived in 4 days in France. While to order it in France the time was 3 weeks, 1 month or more ... we French we should take example on the customer service of your country which responds very quickly to the needs of the customer. Thank you again and see you soon.

quality product

Review by on 29th August 2021

The assistance and advice over the telephone from Lucas was exceptional.As this was the ist time i had fitted a smart bidet toilet.

I do feel the product would benefit from setting up instructions as the video showing functions doesn't state their needs to be weight on the seat.

excellent quality product.Thank you

Vitra V-Care Comfort

Review by on 20th June 2021

Not yet fully installed - contractor not quite ready yet - but excited to have this upgrade to our family bathroom. Service and delivery from Bidet Shower has been exemplary. Definitely recommend.

Excellent Bidet Toilet

Review by on 05th June 2021

This is the first bidet we have ever owned. The fact it is part of the toilet rather than a separate unit is great for reduced floor space requirements and not having to move to a separate unit for the cleaning process. There are manual controls on the side of the toilet but we always use the supplied remote control. This allows for pressure of the water jet and aiming. There is also a fan for drying the area just washed. The whole unit is wall hung so we needed to also purchase the Vitra concealed system WC Frame but this has all worked out nicely. Overall, very pleased with the purchase.

Super service and product

Review by on 31st May 2021

So far not installed, however support and delivery was super, notified at all stages.
Hope to add to this when installed, however not likely to be until next year.
Update, now installed its a great product with many features, some not needed in modern houses like heated seat, but everything is configurable, so we turned it off, could do with additional control of the seat lifting, as while useful when diving into the bathroom at night, it can be annoying when moving around the bathroom and the lid rises, but only a minor issue, may get another for cloak room when money permits

Excellent addition

Review by on 08th April 2021

Great service from Bidet Showers and we look forward to using our new loo which, if it's as good as others say, will be an excellent addition to our home.

Truly innovative product

Review by on 14th February 2021

Does every thing you could want in a neat wall hung unit

Looks great.

Review by on 18th January 2021

Haven’t had it fitted yet, but it looks great and exactly what I wanted.

Good product poor instructions

Review by on 23rd September 2020

There are just unclear diagrams and no written instructions with the frame.

Response from Bidet-Showers:

Thank you for taking the time to submit a review. The review in thus section is applicable to the VitrA V Care toilet. Regarding the instructions for fitting the frame these are developed by the manufacturer and in our opinion are fine as a guide for a professional plumber, to support these there is also a very detailed step by step installation video on our frame product page, viewable at this link:
Thank you again for your feedback.

great smart loo

Review by on 17th August 2020

i'm a tradesman and have fitted several vita v comfort loos, nice quality ,simple fitting ,customers always happy and compared to other brands good price for what you get ..especially from bidet showers
Bidet showers great to deal with , super efficient and do what they say they will do ,fast shipping ...
thanks team !!

Good advice, prompt despatch

Review by on 27th March 2020

Arrived within 2 working days, in excellent condition.

Haven’t fitted yet, hence 4 stars. Would happily buy from these guys again.

vitra -v -care intelligent toilet

Review by on 23rd March 2020

The unit looks great ,performs well,and cleans to my satisfaction.All controls are easy to operate ,after some interesting trial runs !!

What a great product

Review by on 23rd November 2019

I looked around for a
while for right item then I found the vitra v care comfort and what a product does every thing I wanted. Bidet and showers were the ones with excellent advice and service

really pleased with vitra v comfort

Review by on 02nd September 2019

just to say thanks to Lucas and team for advice and help installing are new wc,it is working much better than we anticipated, especially now it is turned on best thing in the bathroom

Good quality, stylish design

Review by on 21st May 2019

I have had the toilet for about 2 months now and it has met my expectations. Controls are easy to operate, it has great features, the toilet is sleek looking and stylish, it has a power saving mode. I love the heated seat.

I am very pleased with the product and would highly recommend it.


Review by on 22nd February 2019

What an amazing, smart toilet - the clever people at VitrA have thought of everything - wish we’d bought it years ago!

Lucas at Bidet Shower was exceptional with his knowledge, help and advice before and after the sale.

PHENOMENAL customer service.

Delivery was as requested without any problems.

Vitra shower toilet

Review by on 17th February 2019

Product and service excellent and very prompt. Refund of Vat for disabled son was done within


Review by on 12th February 2019

Bought 2 of these units complete with cisterns and accessories for new build.
Absolutely excellent service from Lucas.
No problem with delivery …

Excellent advice on Bidet Shower

Review by on 22nd January 2019

I purchased 2 of the Vitra Comfort units. Initially I was unsure of which model/manufacturer to choose. Lucas at Bidet Showers was extremely helpful in advising on the pros and cons of each model in their range. I'm extremely happy with the advised choice. The units arrived on time in good condition by a very helpful carrier. They are as described with a good standard of finish. As property renovation is not complete I can't comment yet wrt function.

Good Service.

Review by on 09th January 2019

Service was good

VitrA V-Care Smart Bidet Toilet

Review by on 03rd August 2018


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VitrA V-Care Smart Bidet Toilet, Comfort


Vitra V-care smart bidet toilet: Part No: 5674B003-6104. The new generation of shower toilet from VitrA. The functionality of a toilet with the cleaning properties of a bidet, combined in one unit to offer increased cleanliness, hygiene and comfort. With no awkward rim to negotiate in the inner bowl, the VitrA V-care is very easy-to-clean. Rim-ex technology disposes with the rim inside the WC, enabling cleaning of the inner bowl with a single wipe. V-care is easy to use via the remote control and has a heated seat, various washing options, adjustable water temperature and air purification deodorisation.

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Product Description

Vitra V-Care Intelligent smart bidet, Rimless Comfort WC & Seat

Combining the convenience and accessibility of the wall mounted WC with the comfort and cleanliness offered by the bidet, VitrA have created a hybrid piece of sanitary ware that offers contemporary bathroom luxury. This stylish appliance provides the user the chance to gently wash and dry after using the WC, the V-Care system is the ultimate in comfort. The arc of the water and angle of the drying air flow can be adjusted exactly to your liking. Fitted with an automatic seat and lid that senses your approach, this toilet prepares itself for your arrival. The heated seat can be set to your personal preference, ready and warmed to give you the ultimate in bathroom luxury. Taking a focus on hygiene as well as luxury and convenience, the V-Care Intelligent Rimless WC Comfort model has all of its features controlled via a wireless keypad. From this interface, every aspect of the unit, from the direction of the cleansing water jet, to the activation of the seat and lid can be controlled. This hands-free approach ensures a level of hygiene and cleanliness out of the reach of standard toilets. Featuring a rimless design, this WC ensures as much water as possible from each flush goes into cleaning the pan, while eliminating nooks from the design that risk of harbouring microbial growth. Being wall mounted and at an accessible height with a projection of 600mm, this is a WC pan that gives greater accessibility to all. For anyone who struggles with standard toilets, such as those in pregnancy, or with limited mobility, this WC unit gives an unprecedented level of comfort.. 

Installation Requirements

  • A compatible concealed wall frame and water cistern of a least 1100mm or higher, such as this wall frame and cistern combination, to view details click HERE
  • Connection piping to the sewerage waste system
  • The seat requires a mains water supply of between 0.05 Mpa (0.5 bar) and 1.0 Mpa (10.0 bar) pressure.
  • A fully compliant power source (in U.K. to BS7671)
  • Before Installing, if you have any doubts or require further technical information please call 01442 843746. 

Key Features of the Vitra V-care smart bidet toilet:

  • MODEL: VitrA Comfort, Part No: 5674B003-6104
  • Simple to operate via a remote control
  • Washing and drying features with adjustable settings
  • Automatic toilet seat open and close function
  • Easy to clean rimless design
  • Adjustable water pressure intensity
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Rectal cleaning
  • Female jet position
  • Adjustable water pressure intensity
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Automatic back and forth jet.
  • Pulsation.
  • Wall Hung Design
  • Heated soft close seat with adjustable temperature
  • Energy saving features - three modes - 1. standard / 2. energy saving / 3. standby
  • Complete with air purifier which deodorises the air which is activated once you are seated
  • Self-cleaning nozzle which is removable for replacement and cleaning
  • Decalcification on current model: Click HERE to view a short step by step video
  • Concealed plumbing and electrical connections
  • Dimensions: Width: 380 x Depth: 600mm

Certification & Warranty

  • Warranty: VitrA GB 2 Year Manufacturers Guarantee
  • CE Certified
  • WRAS Compliant to EN1717
  • IP Rating: IPX4
  • V-care is certified for Muslim istinja (استنجاء‎) by the European Institute of Halal Certification.

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