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HOS-SS: 1.2M Double lock stainless steel hose

HOS-SS: 1.2M Double lock stainless steel hoseHOS-SS: 1.2M Double lock stainless steel hose

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On average our customers rate this product 5 out of 5.

Excellent product

Review by on 09th September 2023

Excellent product and easy installation

Great Service and Product Quality As Usual

Review by on 08th October 2022

Have purchased from here on three previous occasions and orders have always been fulfilled promptly with good quality products. This hose was no exception. Plenty of useful advice on the website too.


Review by on 27th November 2021

I love the product and will always purchase from here.

Good Product

Review by on 26th June 2020

We have been using these for last ten years and they are good product! Lasts usually 3-5 years which is good enough.

Top quality products.

Review by on 19th June 2020

For all our bidet shower requirements, I've never needed to look anywhere else. Products are all of the highest quality and customer service can't be faulted. Definitely a top class company.

The piece if kit is fine

Review by on 16th May 2020

The hose is fine but please try to complete your purchase in a way that you can stay clear of the customer service team (who are probably the owners) as their own words are "cannot please everyone " and they also become a bit upset if you try to share any concerns you have, with them.

Steel hose

Review by on 09th March 2020

Very good quality and easy to replace existing hose .

Poor quality

Review by on 21st February 2020

Poor quality was not able to fit started leaking as soon as connected.

Suspect hose installed incorrectly as 3,690 sold to date, could have been faulty, however customer sent this review before giving us an opportunity to resolve any issues so have decided to refund payment in full and resolve on our terms. We excel at customer satisfaction but some times you just can not please.

Great service

Review by on 05th July 2019

Good price and quick delivery

Good product

Review by on 13th March 2018

Have purchased before and the hose has lasted a very good time considering the use it gets . Always delivered quickly and efficiently as well .

Good while it lasts

Review by on 19th February 2018

This is my second replacement hose in 2 years, it seems as though it only lasts for 1 year before it starts leaking.

Amazing service

Review by on 02nd January 2018

I needed a spare immediately and I got it immediately!!!

Good Quality

Review by on 03rd September 2017

Great service - thanks

prompt reliable service

Review by on 19th May 2017

I needed to renew a hose on my bidet shower. The replacement arrived promptly. The after sales service is good. I would recommend this company.

no more jugs or lotas

Review by on 14th May 2017

if you ever travelled and enjoyed the hotel convenience of a proper plumbed in spray shower and got home to look disappointedly at your old plastic jug or metal lota..... you need this. Top quality, mixes warm and cold to your own choice of set temperature, and IF YOU FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS TO USE ISOLATOR TAP and do NOT leave it on all the time, it will last long. Cheap price, arrives fast, quality stainless steel fitting, fantastic customer service. 100% recommend this.

Awesome design- very high quality

Review by on 05th May 2017

I am a regular customer of Bidet Showers and me and my friends always buy from Bidet Showers.

I am never disappointed as the quality of their product is very high and I can safely say they are the market leader in quality

trust me and always buy from Bidet Showers


Shower head and hose

Review by on 15th April 2017

Very pleased with the service and quality of the items as well as the speed of despatch. I'd have no hesitation in recommending this company.

Replacement hose

Review by on 06th April 2017

I ordered a replacement hose for my bidet shower.The helpful advice provided on this site made me aware that the original hose had almost certainly failed because the isolating valve had been installed facing upwards instead of down. I got round this by attaching a hook to the wall half-way between the valve and the spray head, so that the hose rises vertically from the valve to the hook, thus removing any sideways tension from the hose at the junction point with the valve. I ordered the product on a Saturday and it was with me by Monday, even though I had opted for free 2nd class postage. Excellent service and product.

Stainless Steel 1.2M Hose

Review by on 06th March 2017

I have bought this product to replace the original hose which has stopped working after just under 3 years use. As I have three bidet showers in my house, I have bought three just in case.

Very good

Review by on 23rd February 2017

Delivered on time
Very good quality
Very easy to install
No leakage

HOS-SS: 1.2M Double lock stainless steel hose

Review by on 12th February 2017

Easy to fit, easy to use

better than original

Review by on 09th October 2016

we've had our bidet shower for many years and were not surprised when the hose easy to order new one, came next day and is better that the original one. Happy customer

Good product

Review by on 03rd October 2016

There was an initial hiccup where the nut was over tightened causing it to leak. However, after a phone call. the problem was sorted immediately.

Good Quality

Review by on 13th May 2016

Its very easy to install and last long without leak.

Shower hose

Review by on 17th April 2016

Quick service = Happy customer

Bidet Shower Hose

Review by on 31st July 2015

The product was fine. The previous inner hose had burst due to me not turning off the water supply after use.

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HOS-SS: 1.2M Double lock stainless steel hose


HOS-SS: 1.2M Double lock stainless steel hose with neoprene interior sheath.
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Postage is free with in U.K. & from £4.95 to other countries dependent on location.

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Product Description

HOS-SS: 1.2M Double lock stainless steel hose with neoprene interior sheath.

Conical 1/2" BSP connection for the shower head and 1/2" BSP Hexagonal connection for the supply.

If this hose is to be used in a pressurised environment such as bidet shower please ensure it is connected via a mains rated water isolating valve which should be turned off after each use. DO NOT rely on the hose to hold back mains water pressure continuously, if you experience a pressure surge this could BURST your hose, be safe connect via a mains water valve and always turn off the water to the hose after each use, to understand why click HERE When connecting hose, the conical end of the hose is connected to the shower head and the small nut to the water supply valve. Please click HERE for do's and don'ts when attaching your shower to the water outlet valve.

Postage is free with in U.K. & from £4.95 to other countries dependent on location.

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Call 01442 843746 for some friendly help and advice.