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BTC-7035 Remote control shower toilet

BTC-7035 Remote control shower toiletBTC-7035 Remote control shower toiletBTC-7035 Remote control shower toiletBTC-7035 Remote control shower toiletBTC-7035 Remote control shower toilet

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A very useful product

Review by on 13th September 2017

We ordered the shower toilet to help after my stroke as I have lost the use of one arm. I am very pleased with the ease of use.
It has fitted into the bathroom very easily we needed no redecoration as it fitted exactly where the old toilet was.
The plumber and electrician had it fitted in no time.

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BTC-7035 Remote control shower toilet


A stunning combination of our remote controlled electronic bidet seat exquisitely paired with a pure white floor standing back to the wall toilet bowl, slimline cabinet and dual flush cistern
Please click image to be directed to the product page for full specification details and Installation guides.
Free U.K. delivery, an additional delivery charge of £39.95 will apply to areas of the U.K. considered remote by the delivery companies such as but not limited to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and to Mainland Europe. (Please view more information by clicking the tab below for a list of locations considered "remote") Delivery in 2 ~ 7 days from receipt of order depending on your location.

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Product Description

BTC-7035: A combined electronic bidet seat and floor standing back to the wall toilet, slimline casement & dual flush cistern

True contemporary elegance and excellence in design. The is an exquisite combination of our  remote controlled electronic bidet seat   combined with floor standing back to the wall toilet bowl slimline case and Grohe concealed dual flush cistern (not shown in picture)

This unit is particularly suited for installation where the soil pipe exits to the left or right as the slimline case can readily be cut on either the left or right-hand side to accommodate side entry soil pipes 

Delivered in 2~7 working days from receipt of order depending on your location, There is an additional charge of £39.95 to mainland Europe and for areas in the U.K.  considered "Remote" by our courier, Please click for REMOTE AREA LOCATIONS

Installation Requirements 

  • Connection piping to the sewerage waste system..
  • The seat requires a mains water supply of between 0.07 Mpa (0.7 bar) and 0.74 Mpa (7.4 bar) pressure. The inlet for the seat water supply is on the left facing the toilet pan.
  • A fully compliant power source to the seat (in U.K. to BS7671) and located within 1.5m of centre line of the toilet (240V 50Hz 1.7Kw max) suggest located on the right facing pan.
  • Before Installing, if you have any doubts or require further technical information please call 01442 843746. Click HERE to view a video of the seat installation guide.

Key Features Seat

  • Made from germ-resistant plastic for maximum hygiene
  • Posterior cleansing with a variable spray
  • Feminine cleansing
  • Variable spray (5 settings)
  • Adjustable wands position
  • Aerated water spray
  • Kids function
  • “IIP” (Intensive Impulse Pulsation) function
  • “Auto” function (hygiene + dryer)
  • Jet type: continuous or with a variable flow for better cleansing action
  • Warm water with variable temperature setting (3 levels)
  • Heated seat with variable temperature setting (3 levels)
  • Warm air dryer with variable temperature setting (5 levels)
  • Deodorizer
  • Continuous water heating
  • Intelligent energy saving function
  • Soft touch remote control
  • Side mounted supplementary buttons
  • Automatic cleaning of the wands before and after each use
  • Soft closing seat and lid
  • Touch activated on/off  sensor to prevent overspray
  • Self-diagnosis 
  • Easy installation on existing toilets; Adaptable to most standard fixtures
  • Colour: Pure white

Technical Specification:

     Power rating and energy consumption

  • Power rating: AC 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Energy consumption: 1660 - 1975 W
  • Electrical Safety Protection: 15 mA - GFCI
  • Degree of Protection: IP 24
  • Power cord length: 1.5 m
  • Intelligent energy saving function
  • Potable Water: Pressure 0.8 ~ 7.4 Bar / Atm 

      Heated seat

  • Heated Seat: Temperature Adjustable (3 levels) / 34 °C - 40 °C
  • Safety Device: Temp Fuse
  • Power Consumption: 55 ~ 65 W


Water temperature: Adjustable (3 levels) / 34 °C - 40 °C

  • Water Jet Flow: Adjustable (5 levels - max 750 ml/min)
  • Safety Device: Temp Fuse, Thermal switch, Floating switch
  • Power Consumption: 1600 ~ 1905 W

     Warm air dryer

  • Safety devices: Temp Fuse
  • Power Consumption: 280 ~ 333 W
  • Dryer temperature adjustment (3 levels)


  • Automatic start: deodoriser starts automatically when seat is occupied.

     Parts supplied:

  • Electronic bidet seat
  • Vitreous china toilet bowl
  • Slimline casement
  • Dual flush concealed cistern 


  •  2 years manufacturers warranty 

      International Certification

  • CE, EMC, JET, Dentori, K, ISO9001
  • Please Note. To achieve full WRAS compliance an ‘Approved’ double check valve or some other no less effective back-flow prevention device providing backflow prevention protection to at least fluid category two must be fitted at the point of connection between the water supply and the water inlet to this appliance.

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