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CCP-7035-CH: Extra High Comfort Height Bidet Shower Toilets

CCP-7035-CH: Extra High Comfort Height Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-CH: Extra High Comfort Height Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-CH: Extra High Comfort Height Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-CH: Extra High Comfort Height Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-CH: Extra High Comfort Height Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-CH: Extra High Comfort Height Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-CH: Extra High Comfort Height Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-CH: Extra High Comfort Height Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-CH: Extra High Comfort Height Bidet Shower ToiletsCCP-7035-CH: Extra High Comfort Height Bidet Shower Toilets

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On average our customers rate this product 5 out of 5.

Looks Great

Review by on 01st July 2022

I cant provide a full review as it hasnt been installed yet, trades are backed up! But upon delivery I took it out and it was really well packaged and arrived with no damage at all.

I was also suprised by how fast it shipped, I think it came within a couple days. So really happy about that.

Will be deffinatley be reccomending to friends

Product sold as delivered and works great

Review by on 31st August 2021

Good delivery time, product works well and seems great

Highly recommended

Review by on 02nd July 2021

I have wanted one of these for a while, but my husband was sceptical. He is now a convert.and we both recommend this unit. It is high, and my husband is 6'5" so it's suits him very well. There was a small problem, but Lucas at Kaizen sorted it out very promptly, and was very helpful.

Great bidet toilet

Review by on 24th February 2021

Was a bit sceptical at first, but a friend recommended I try one as i'm not getting any younger!
So glad i did, as the functionality works well, easy to install and the wife loves the heated seat!
Happy wife... Happy life.

Bidet shower toilet

Review by on 28th September 2020

Really excellent product & really helpful for someone with arthritic hands. Heated seat loved by everyone.
Good company to deal with, really helpful with a difficult decision

CCP-7035-CH: Extra High Comfort Height Bidet Shower Toilets

Review by on 07th July 2020

I purchased this Electronic Bidet toilet from Bidet shower.Co.Uk. I must say this is the best thing installed in my bathroom. Extremely comfortable and does exactly what it says. Lucas from the shop is an extremely professional and helpful gentleman with thorough knowledge of all the products. He will help you with any query etc about their products, which a real peace of mind.
I will highly recommend this product and the Bidet shower online shop, wonderful products, great friendly service.
Well done Lucan.
Dr Aziz Rehman
Dublin Ireland

I would like to write a review of the toilet we bought from you

Review by on 19th April 2020

A CCP-7035-CH Extra High Comfort Height Bidet Shower Toilet.

My wife and I both in our seventies have built a wet room on the ground floor of our house. We are delighted with our new Bidet Shower Toilet. We looked at several types and manufactures. We are very satisfied with your product and service. We would rate you 5 stars.

We have lived here for many years and have many friends and interests. Due to the Lockdown we have been communicating by phone and web. Our friends have been fascinated with our purchase and installation of your toilet. I am a bell ringer and one of them sent the following poem which I hope will amuse you:-

Let’s all go down to Simons place
We’ll have a lovely time
And meet again all face to face
With no more chats on line.

No need to bring your toilet roll
‘Cos Simons Loo is brill
It’s new and smart and on the whole
I know we’ll get a thrill.

So come on Ringers one and all
And when I shout Look To
It will not be a ringer’s call
But Look At Simons Loo.

Excellent product and good value for money

Review by on 14th March 2020

Very please with the design and technical performance.
Everything has been well thought of and designed both for the installer and the user.
The technical back up has been excellent.
Could do with more info for setting up before use.

The bidet/toilet is now installed and works very well.

Review by on 06th March 2020

The bidet/toilet is now installed and works very well. I should acknowledge the meticulous packaging and reliable delivery of the equipment and the helpful and friendly service by the Kaizen Solutions team.Thank you.

I should perhaps add that the equipment was installed with great efficiency and without problems by Gary Johnson of Evolution Bathrooms of Sudbury, Suffolk .
As it appears that there are few plumbers with experience of this equipment in this part of the world I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Johnson to you and possible purchasers in the Sudbury/Colchester area.

Comfort height bidet shower toilet

Review by on 09th September 2019

Excellent unit suitable for both my wife and me.

Excellent product

Review by on 16th August 2019

Would highly recommend this. It makes my life much easier and I wish I had ordered and had one installed a year ago. From the initial phone enquiry to delivery it has been a good experience with a high level of customer care.

No problem in saying '5'

Review by on 13th July 2019

Phone help was excellent both with myself and our plumber.

Here is my testimonial:

Review by on 06th June 2019

The entire team were so helpful from the start. They helped me choose the best combination for my father. They answered all of our questions in depth. The installation was straight forward and the functionality is very user friendly. Many thanks”

Thank you again.

Lovely Comfort Height

Review by on 22nd March 2019

Fantastic comfort height toilet with all the features every modern bathroom needs. Gorgeous design, and simple to use. Support on hand if needed for installation. Heated seat is so luxurious.

Second Purchase

Review by on 19th March 2019

This is our second purchase of a shower toilet from Kaizen Solutions and as with the first we have had excellent service and advice from them.
This comfort height unit is in our recently completed wet room but well away from any "deluge". My wife, who has Parkinson's, finds the extra height of the seat compared to a normal toilet so much easier to use. The remote control has been positioned ideally for her use. She gives it a 5 star rating for her personal care and well being.

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CCP-7035-CH: Extra High Comfort Height Bidet Shower Toilets


CCP-7035-CH: Extra High Comfort Height Bidet Shower Toilets, with remote control: A stunning combination of our remote controlled electronic bidet seat and our exquisitely styled comfort height close coupled toilet in pure white vitreous china. The bidet shower toilet that washes and dries you. This comfort height model bidet toilet is around 70mm or 3" higher than a standard model making ideal for those who experience difficulty raising and lowering themselves on to a standard height toilet.
Please click image to be directed to the product page for full specification details and Installation guides.
Free delivery in mainland U.K., an additional delivery charge of £39.95 will apply to areas of the U.K. considered remote by the delivery companies such as but not limited to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. (Please view more information by clicking the tab below for a list of locations considered "remote") Delivery in 2 ~ 7 days from receipt of order depending on your location.

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Product Description

Extended Height (Comfort Height) CCP-7035-CH Bidet Shower Toilets:

A combination comfort height close coupled remote control shower toilet in pure white vitreous china.

True contemporary elegance and excellence in design. An exquisite combination of our full specification electronic bidet seat perfectly paired with our luxurious comfort height close coupled toilet in pure white vitreous china, an absolutely stunning addition to any bathroom or toilet. This close coupled toilet can be paired with all our U style bidet toilet seats. This comfort height version is 70mm or 3 inches higher than the standard version. The height from the floor to the top of the seat is 497mm /19.6 inches.

Delivered in 2~7 working days from receipt of order depending on your location, There is an additional charge of £39.95 for areas in the U.K. considered "Remote" by our courier and £89.95 to Europe and non-mainland U.K. Please click for REMOTE AREA LOCATIONS

Installation Requirements

  • Connection piping to the sewerage waste system
  • The seat requires a mains water supply of between 0.07 Mpa (0.7 bar) and 0.74 Mpa (7.4 bar) pressure. The inlet for the seat water supply is on the left facing the toilet pan.
  • A fully compliant power source to the seat (in U.K. to BS7671) and located within 1.5m of the center line of the toilet (240V 50Hz 1.7Kw max) suggest located on the right facing pan.
  • Before Installing if you have any doubts please call 01442 843746 for technical guidance. Click HERE to view a video of the seat installation guide.

Videos of the CCP Range of Close Coupled Bidet Toilets: Please click on the appropriate link

General Specification

Pan and Cistern

  • Comfort height contemporary modern design
  • Dual flush cistern 3/6 litre Flush with Chrome Flush Button, bottom RH water connection
  • Made from High-Quality Vitreous China 
  • Suitable for horizontal & bottom soil pipe connections, click HERE to view waste pipe
  • Pan Assembly quick guide click HERE
  • Click HERE to view Video demonstrating how to adjust the water fill volume and dual flush discharge volumes

1.  Electronic Bidet Seat

  • Made from germ-resistant plastic for maximum hygiene
  • Posterior cleansing with a variable spray for all the family
  • Feminine cleansing, separate nozzle exclusively to assist with feminine hygiene, especially effective during menstruation or pregnancy.
  • Variable spray (5 settings)
  • Adjustable wands position
  • Aerated spray
  • Kids function
  • “IIP” (Intensive Impulse Pulsation) function
  • “Auto” function (hygiene + dryer)
  • Jet type: continuous or with a variable flow for better cleansing action
  • Warm water with variable temperature setting (3 levels)
  • Warm air dryer with variable temperature setting (5 levels)
  • Heated seat with variable temperature setting (3 levels)
  • Heated seat with variable temperature setting (3 levels)
  • Deodorizer
  • Continuous water heating
  • Intelligent energy saving function
  • Attached control arm with soft touch buttons
  • Automatic cleaning of the wands before and after each use
  • Gentle closing seat and lid
  • Touch activated on/off sensor to prevent overspray
  • Self-check
  • Easy installation
  • Water connection on left side of the seat facing toilet, power cable connected center back of seat
  • Pan pure white china
  • Net weight with the pan; 48Kg

2. Warm air dryer

  • Adjustable (5 levels)
  • Power Consumption 280 ~ 333 W
  • Safety devices: Temp Fuse

3. Heated Seat

  • Heated Seat: Temperature Adjustable Off to (3 levels) / 34 °C - 40 °C
  • Safety Device: Temp Fuse
  • Power Consumption: 55 ~ 65 W

4. Deodorizer

  • Automatic start: dedoriser starts automatically when the seat is occupied.

5. Safety

  • Electricity Safety Protection: 15 mA - GFCI
  • Temp Fuse
  • IP24 rated

6. Materials

  • Easy detachable: a convenient bracket plate provides easy attachment and detachment of the main body for an easy toilet cleaning.
  • Soft-closing lid and seat: Function to make lid and seat open and close smoothly
  • Easy lid removal: Lid is easy to install and remove for a perfect cleaning.
  • Nanosilver technology: applied to the water tank and nozzles give them antibacterial properties.
  • Ultrasonic waterproof soldering seat: It is easy to use with safety in a humid toilet room with the help of spinning design providing a waterproof function and preventing water drops from being soaked into.
  • Antibacterial resins: Adapted antibacterial resin preventing colitis germs and sundry germs from being propagated.
  • Toilet pan: pure white vitreous china

7. Power rating and energy consumption

  • Power rating: AC 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Energy consumption: 1660 - 1975 W
  • Power cord length: 1.5 m
  • Intelligent energy saving function
  • Potable Water: Pressure 0.5 ~ 7.4 Atm

8. Warranty

  • Electronic seat 2 years warranty parts and labour, K, ISO9001
  • Toilet/cistern 2 years all parts

9. International Certification

  • CE, EMC, JET, Dentori, K, ISO9001
  • Please Note. To achieve full compliance an ‘Approved’ single check valve or some other no less effective back-flow prevention device providing backflow prevention protection to at least fluid category two must be fitted at the point of connection between the water supply and the water inlet to this appliance.

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