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UB-7035U: Remote Controlled Japanese Style Shower Toilet:

UB-7035U: Remote Controlled Japanese Style Shower Toilet:UB-7035U: Remote Controlled Japanese Style Shower Toilet:UB-7035U: Remote Controlled Japanese Style Shower Toilet:UB-7035U: Remote Controlled Japanese Style Shower Toilet:UB-7035U: Remote Controlled Japanese Style Shower Toilet:UB-7035U: Remote Controlled Japanese Style Shower Toilet:UB-7035U: Remote Controlled Japanese Style Shower Toilet:UB-7035U: Remote Controlled Japanese Style Shower Toilet:UB-7035U: Remote Controlled Japanese Style Shower Toilet:

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electric bidet

Review by on 26th November 2021

Excellent service, great product. Have bought a second one

Works as described

Review by on 08th November 2021

Purchased 3 units. Had these for a few months now.
Last week, started having issues with 1 of the seats.
Spoke to customer services who were very helpful and will be resolving this issue for me. Even though had an issue with 1 of the seats, still giving the product and service 5 stars

Bidet Shower

Review by on 26th January 2021

We are very happy with the product supplied to us. This is exactly what we needed. disabled as we are. The information and guidance given to us by Lucas, indeed, helped us immensely in choosing the right product, Thanks to him.

Great product

Review by on 06th July 2020

The BEST thing I’ve ever bought............

Our second one.

Review by on 23rd March 2020

We have been using this seat now for around six months in our down stairs toilet. Unfortunately due to mine and my wife disabilities we had to have a loft conversion to fit an upstairs toilet. Because of this we are fitting our second seat. These are great and couldn’t do without it now. Our only concern is that the seat cover breaks very easily in normal use. I have been told that it’s because we have been leaning back on it, but this is not the case. Bidet-Shower have been kind enough to send use their showroom model, which arrived with the same breaks as we experienced. This is a design fault as far as we are concerned.

<Bidet Shower response>
Thank you for your comment
The seat lid is is a cover only to hide the seat opening and bowl aperture, it is NOT designed for sitting on or using as a backrest. Having sold thousands of units since 2012 with only 6 replacement lids dispatched the replacement rate is a fraction of 1 percent, if there was a design issue we are fairly confident the repair rate would be considerably higher. If the lid is stood on or pushed back over its vertical stop position we know it can crack at the hinge point, We did inspect the showroom model which was sent free of charge and are a little disappointed this was not reported when received

Thank you again for your comments and best wishes

Exceeded Expectations

Review by on 28th August 2019

Fifty days on, the Loo continues to bring a warm glow to my cheeks :) It has exceeded expectations in its ease of use and efficiency in operation. In particular the remote control makes things so much more convenient to operate.
Installation was for the most part a doddle. I used the paper templates to check which model to buy and in the event it fitted the shape of my w/c perfectly although perhaps 1/2 cm on the long side. Supplied with all the connectors needed, it was up and running in minutes.
There is a possible problem lurking for the future: getting the unit to locate on the fixing bracket proved a struggle and now it refuses to come off again. I may have over-tightened the fixing bolts :(
In summary, the thing looks good and is sublime in use. The only negatives : the lid feels surprisingly light and the extractor fan tends to drone. Overall - utterly brilliant :)

Excellent product

Review by on 26th August 2019

I had several questions before purchasing the bidet and Lucas was able to answer all of them in simple terms so that when I ordered the bidet, installation was very simple and straightforward.
The bidet itself is excellent, multi-function but easy to operate and extremely efficient. I highly recommend both the product and the supplier.

Effective, easy to install and well engineered

Review by on 11th August 2019

The device is easy to use, cleans and dries effectively and offers a range of water temperature and pressure settings.

Installation was relatively easy. The seat was an excellent fit on our WC pan but that was perhaps our luck. It would have been helpful if the requirement for a check-valve had been stated in the sales documentation. A more detailed, UK-specific, installation requirement sheet on the product page would also have been helpful. Note that Bidet Showers sell an assortment of useful fittings in the “Fittings and Accessories” section of the website.

Initially we did have some issues with the remote control, which is ergonomically very convenient but which seemed a little temperamental and sometimes ignored our fingers completely. A replacement unit behaved identically but recently we seem to be faring better so there may be some learning involved.

Overall, we recommend the unit. It would be especially useful to those with dexterity issues or particular concerns about cleanliness.

Customer service and product

Review by on 18th May 2018

Item received well packed and on day promised. Not yet installed but customer service second to none! Will review after installation.

Happy to say now installed. This product is a very worthwhile purchase for any bathroom and invaluable if dexterity is a problem.

Great bidet seat

Review by on 12th March 2018

Delivered very quickly with sufficient instructions for an easy install.
Very pleased with performance so far.

Cludgie skoosher

Review by on 22nd February 2018

We prevaricated for over a year as we deemed this to be a luxury purchase and something we didn't really need, we've had it for a week now and wish we'd bought it sooner, it's great, we feel clean and...yes....we look forward to using the lavatory! It's a joy to use. Imagine...we used to use dry paper, which now seems laughable to even contemplate. :-) I'm used the printable template which gave me confidence that it would fit. I'm not a plumber, and it took me two days and six trips to plumber's merchant to obtain the correct parts, this was nothing to do with the bidet seat and everything to do with the existing plumbing and may also have had something to do with the pretendy plumber...Whilst it inevitably will never be as straight forward as the video clip, it was relativly simple to fit and knowing what I know now, I genuinely recon, it would take an hour to fit one...

Cludgie skoosher

Review by on 22nd February 2018

We prevaricated for over a year as we deemed this to be a luxury purchase and something we didn't really need, we've had it for a week now and wish we'd bought it sooner, it's great, we feel clean and...yes....we look forward to using the lavatory! It's a joy to use. Imagine...we used to use dry paper, which now seems laughable to even contemplate. :-)

Remote control

Review by on 12th January 2018

This unit was a replacement for a previous unit manufactured in China and no longer available. It fits our ‘D’ shaped toilet perfectly, and if this matters to you, is very stylish and unobtrusive.

My only problem has been with the remote control. It is touch sensitive and doesn’t always communicate with the toilet control unit housed behind the seat. Having spoken with a gentleman at Bidet on this issue, I agreed to trial it a little longer. Its been six weeks now and I am still not confident as to the problem – is it the touch sensitivity or the signalling? It is positioned on the wall to the right of the seat when viewed from the front, and in the exact same position as the controller for the previous seat. It does help to remove the controller from the wall mount, but this shouldn’t be necessary.

I am confident that this issue will be resolved by Bidet, but it is a pity that this splendid seat should be compromised by this controller.

32B en-suite

Review by on 08th January 2018

UB-7035U yet to be installed

Cool Closet Comfort

Review by on 02nd January 2018

Bought as Christmas present for my wife - Not yet installed but she's thrilled at the prospect of such lavish lavvy luxury!

Hot seat

Review by on 30th November 2017

The only thing letting it down is the fact you cannot pre heat seat before sitting on it other wise the product works

Just like Japan!

Review by on 11th July 2017

These bidet toilets are the closest thing you can get in the UK to Japanese loos! Easy to plumb-in, easy for the electrician to wire-up. We love it!


Review by on 19th February 2017

Excellent advice and service

Great product

Review by on 13th February 2017

The product turned up on time and was fitted by the plumber later that week which turned out an easy installation, but not for the non professional.
In use for 4days at the time of this review and all is as advertised. Sales and customer service is good and gives me confidence for the future.

Remote controlled bidet shower

Review by on 04th February 2017

Most impressed with telephone advice and excellent delivery service, even a one hour delivery slot. Very pleased with the bidet shower seat unit. It does everything it claims to and will make life a lot easier for me as a stroke survivor. I especially appreciate the remote control as it would have been difficult reaching the controls on the fixed version. Installation was straightforward. Definitely worth the cost, it seems to be a very good quality product,


Review by on 22nd January 2017

I had exemplary advice and service from the staff before purchasing the UB-7035U: Remote controlled Shower Toilet .
Since fitting it ,after initial practice I have found it to be very versatile and easy to use and very effective for it's purpose.

My secret carer

Review by on 07th May 2016

I waited so long for this to be installed, plumber kept delaying. But, my word, it is a wonderful experience and so easy to use. Totally independant, no need for help and so clean. It has so many variations of use, it knows when you sit on it or get up too. I have told everybody about it. It is worth every penny. Thank you for being so helpful on the phone and for your advice.

All Singing All Dancing

Review by on 22nd December 2015

This toilet seat is absolutely wonderful. Not only does it look great but it does everything imaginable.
Just having a warm toilet seat every single time you use the bathroom is wonderful, especially in the winter time. However, my main reason for getting this, is that my partner has bowel cancer, so this is really helping him with the nastier side effects of his treatment, and even though he's only been using it a few days is making such a difference to his bathroom experience. Definitely worthwhile.

Pleased with the Shower Toilet

Review by on 30th November 2015

I am pleased with the shower toilet we purchased, it is fair value for the money. We ordered on 5th November 2015 at 9:59 a.m. and was delivered prior to lunch on 6th November 2015

Excellent understated product but fixing concerns.

Review by on 23rd November 2015

Very pleased with appearance - with separate remote it looks almost like a normal seat, less obvious than most Japanese versions. Good range of functions and adjustments, and apparently good quality plastics.
Location and removal of seat to base is vague and difficult, even with practice, and the seat mounting compression bolts do not tighten well - it would be better with a straight forward old-fashioned long bolt and conventional nut.
Very Happy with it so far, provided it remains fixed in position, but suspect it will not do so in the long term.

Good product

Review by on 30th June 2015

Personally prefer the Japanese products as I am used to them from Japan but as their product is fairly limited in the european market, this is a good choice.
Instructions for installing was not clear but still easy to find out yourself. And service over phone was very good as well.

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UB-7035U: Remote Controlled Japanese Style Shower Toilet:


Japanese style shower toilet seat. UB-7035 U style: Remote Controlled Shower Toilet, part of our new luxury range, the ultimate in elegance, luxury, hygiene and comfort. Pure white Japanese style electronic bidet toilet seat.
Please click image to be directed to the product page for full specification details and Installation guides. To compare features of all models click the Feature comparison chart by model in the N.B. The UB-7035 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat is available in 2 sizes, rounded and elongated this model is the U type ROUNDED style, before purchasing please ensure you check the Installation requirements chart in downloads section on the product page or download by copying and pasting the following link tin to your browser:
Manufactured in Korea. Free U.K. and EU delivery in 2 ~ 5 days from receipt of order.

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Free UK delivery in 2-5 days

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Product Description

UB-7035U Round U shape Remote control Japanese style Wash and Dry Shower Toilet Seat

Supplied in a pure white finish, the seat that washes and drys you, the ultimate in elegance, luxury, hygiene and comfort. Pure white Japanese style Wash and Dry Shower Toilet Seat.

Before purchasing please ensure you check the toilet measurement and Installation guide to ensure the seat will fit your toilet bowl by clicking HERE

View the Model Comparison Chart to compare and evaluate the individual features of all models. 

Installation requirements.

  • A fully compliant power source to the seat (in U.K. to BS7671) and located within 1.5m of the center line of the toilet (240V 50Hz 1.7Kw max) suggest located on the right facing pan.
  • A mains water supply of between 0.07 Mpa (0.7 bar) and 0.74 Mpa (7.4 bar) pressure. The inlet for the seat water supply is on the left facing the toilet pan.
  • Before Installing, if you have any doubts or require further technical information please call 01442 843746. Click HERE to view a video of a typical seat installation guide.

1. Key Features

  • Made from germ-resistant plastic for maximum hygiene
  • Posterior cleansing with a variable spray for all the family
  • Feminine cleansing, separate nozzle exclusively to assist with feminine hygiene, especially effective during menstruation or pregnancy.
  • Variable spray (5 settings)
  • Adjustable wands position
  • Aerated spray
  • Kids function
  • “IIP” (Intensive Impulse Pulsation) function
  • “Auto” function (hygiene + dryer)
  • Jet type: continuous or with a variable flow for better cleansing action
  • Warm water with variable temperature setting (3 levels)
  • Heated seat with variable temperature setting (3 levels)
  • Warm air dryer with variable temperature setting (5 levels)
  • Deodoriser
  • Continuous water heating
  • Intelligent energy saving function
  • Touch active remote control handset with wall dock (view remote battery installation)
  • Side mounted supplementary buttons
  • Automatic cleaning of the wands before and after each use
  • Gentle closing seat and lid
  • Touch activated on/off sensor to prevent overspray
  • Self-check
  • Easy installation
  • Water connection on left side of the seat facing toilet, power cable connected center back of seat
  • (User Manual)

2. Warm air dryer

  • Adjustable (5 levels)
  • Power Consumption 280 ~ 333 W
  • Safety devices: Temp Fuse

3. Heated seat

  • Heated Seat: Temperature Adjustable (3 levels) / 34 °C - 40 °C
  • Safety Device: Temp Fuse
  • Power Consumption: 55 ~ 65 W

4. Deodoriser

  • Automatic start: dedoriser starts automatically when the seat is occupied.

5. Safety

  • Electricity Safety Protection: 15 mA - GFCI
  • Temp Fuse
  • IP24 rated

6. Materials

  • Easy detachable: a convenient bracket plate provides easy attachment and detachment of the main body for an easy toilet cleaning.
  • Soft-closing lid and seat: Function to make lid and seat open and close smoothly
  • Easy lid removal: Lid is easy to install and remove for a perfect cleaning.
  • Nanosilver technology: applied to the water tank and nozzles give them antibacterial properties.
  • Ultrasonic waterproof soldering seat: It is easy to use with safety in a humid toilet room with the help of spinning design providing a waterproof function and preventing water drops from being soaked into.
  • Antibacterial resins: Adapted antibacterial resin preventing colitis germs and sundry germs from being propagated.
  • Toilet pan: pure white vitreous china

7. Power rating and energy consumption

  • ower rating: AC 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Energy consumption: 1660 - 1975 W
  • Power cord length: 1.5 m
  • Intelligent energy saving function
  • Mains Water: Pressure 0.5 ~ 7.4 Atm

8. Warranty

  • Electronic seat 2 years warranty parts and labour
  • Toilet/cistern 2 years all parts

9. International Certification

  • CE, EMC, JET, Dentori, K, ISO9001
  • Please Note. For compliance, an approved single check valve or some other no less effective back-flow prevention device providing backflow prevention protection to at least fluid category two must be fitted at the point of connection between the water supply and the water inlet to this appliance.

Not sure which model? click on the model comparison Downloads section at the top of this page to compare models.

We have a template consisting of six A4 sheets of paper which can be downloaded and then sellotaped together to form a full size template, this can then be laid on your toilet bowl to assess size, fit and aesthetics.

Click HERE to download the UB-7035U Round U style seat template





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