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Dib C-750R Wash & Dry Toilet Seat. remote controled

Dib C-750R Wash & Dry Toilet Seat. remote controledDib C-750R Wash & Dry Toilet Seat. remote controledDib C-750R Wash & Dry Toilet Seat. remote controledDib C-750R Wash & Dry Toilet Seat. remote controledDib C-750R Wash & Dry Toilet Seat. remote controledDib C-750R Wash & Dry Toilet Seat. remote controledDib C-750R Wash & Dry Toilet Seat. remote controledDib C-750R Wash & Dry Toilet Seat. remote controledDib C-750R Wash & Dry Toilet Seat. remote controledDib C-750R Wash & Dry Toilet Seat. remote controledDib C-750R Wash & Dry Toilet Seat. remote controledDib C-750R Wash & Dry Toilet Seat. remote controledDib C-750R Wash & Dry Toilet Seat. remote controled

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On average our customers rate this product 5 out of 5.

Dib electronic toilet bidet

Review by on 10th December 2021

Thank you for your excellent advice and time spent explaining things. Bidet was an excellent choice and ideal for our needs, makes life a lot easier for a disabled person, particularly with the remote

Good Service Fine Product

Review by on 16th August 2020

Ordering was straightforward done on phone with cc. Was eligible for no vat. Product arrived safely in one day. Documentation on fitting was good and product was easily installed by a competent plumber who had never seen one before!
It works as it should.

Very high level of service

Review by on 16th July 2020

Very pleased with the product and especially with the support pre and post purchase.

Great product!

Review by on 21st June 2020

This really is a great product. It has more features than the equivalent Geberit and the quality feels better than my origin Geberit which has died at five years old and Geberit no longer suppling spares or service.

So far very pleased and I would have no problem recommending.

Excellent Product

Review by on 04th June 2020

This is the second Dib C-750R Toilet seat we have purchased.
A Great product and excellent service from Kaizen Solutions.

Execellent product

Review by on 02nd February 2020

I have been fitting bidet seats for local authorities for the pass 15 years.
I purchased 2 of these bidet seats and found them really easy to fit and they are very easy to use.
To be honest they seem to be made of a very high quality but are cheaper than other brands.
I would highly recommend this Bidet seat.

Fantastic product

Review by on 13th January 2020

Really pleased with the wash and dry toilet, very easy to install and great quality.
Very fast delivery and customer service team excellent with their advice and support.

I was very impressed with the service I received

Review by on 19th December 2019

I was very impressed with the service I received from Lucas throughout my purchase. as a private buyer I needed assistance to ensure the product I wished to purchase would be adequate for my needs and would also fit my current toilet.
Lucas took the time to ensure the measurement I sent where correct for the product.

Lucas was extremely helpful all through the purchase.

Kind regards Margaret

Feeling fresh and clean

Review by on 01st November 2019

Was fairly easy to fit the seat ourselves once the electrician had installed the power into the bathroom.

Works well, although doesn't feel as powerful as the washlets we used in Japan. A good range of features, although the remote does take some getting used to.

Not sure how I lived without one

Review by on 17th February 2019

Delivery was next day even though the website said a few working days. Very please with that.

Seemed to be easy to install by my plumber. Needed electricity with a breaker.

I like the feature that cleans the pipes when they come and out go back in. Takes a few seconds though so the spray is delayed a bit, but not annoyingly so. The water comes out a tiny bit chilly for a second then is warm. Like that I can set the water temp. The spray on the full setting works so well that toilet paper is not needed! I also like the feature of being able to move the spray front and back.

The fan works but takes a bit of time. I do like the feature that when you get up the fan goes off due to the touch sensor on the seat.

Bidet setting is a great! I also like the separate remote and think it is worth having as opposed to the other model where it is attached at the side. The remote comes with a nice holder that sticks on the wall easily. Even comes with batteries.

So pleased with it. Only can’t keep my friends off it.


Review by on 20th August 2018

great delivery

The new seat

Review by on 28th June 2018

We had been using a Hyundai HDBR-550 seat for about 9yrs & needed to replace it. The C-750R is a very good replacement it as it looks much better on the Jacuzzi toilet we have, the switch was so easy water fittings are compatible & were swapped in no time. The seat fitment for the toilet it's self was a little tight but we were able to make this work for us. Then all you need to do is attach the seat to the correct electrical supply & away you go. We have also found the features are mostly the same so it took a minimum of time to get used to

Great gadget for my elderly mum

Review by on 21st April 2018

Quick delivery and easy to fit. I bought it for my 90 year old mum to allow her a few more years of independence and dignity of keeping herself clean despite her arthritis.
The remote has really large buttons and is not confusing. It sits in a holder stuck to the wall so just needs a single finger press to operate.
The quality of this seat is much better than I was expecting.
I def recommend getting one of these.


Review by on 01st April 2018

A bit early as we are still waiting for the electrician.However we have been able to rig a test situation and it is a pleasure to use.The remote control seems to have some subtllties to it which we have yet to master but time will tell on that.The heated seat could do with an 'off' situation as a disabled person takes longer usual.

Does everything it claims

Review by on 31st March 2018

Does all it claims. Easy to install and operate. Adjustments are good and it is easy to operate them and to ‘fine tune’ them to your personal requirements.
Very satisfied as it is less than half the price of its competitors.

does what it says

Review by on 27th March 2018

fairly easy to fix,problems sorting out the plumbing on my side to fit plumbing supplied.

Washlet supreme

Review by on 23rd March 2018

Like many previous buyers of the Aqua Sigma product I love it.
I recommend this seat to anyone with an interest in keeping there nether regions clean and tidy!
Great service and help from Kaizen solutions.

Clean bottom.

Review by on 06th March 2018

The drier is a bit crap but the rest works as advertised. Looking forward to saving a fortune on bog rolls and introducing white towels into the bathroom!

Good in most respects

Review by on 19th February 2018

The bidet is good in most respects but the drying is not powerful enough to make it worthwhile - quicker to use some paper.

Aqua-Sigma Dib

Review by on 06th February 2018

I think every house hold should have Aqua-Sigma Dib. Especially people with disability i would recommend everyone. I think I invested this and i wish i had know it before.

Sigma dib c750r

Review by on 09th January 2018

This product is proving to be a great buy! I would recommend this to everyone. Easy to fit, great value and well made. It’s really proven to help my disabled mother.
All of this backed up by knowledgeable, friendly people who really do care! Thank you

sigma DIB seat

Review by on 30th October 2017

delivered on time, very well packaged.
simple to install and well manufactured.
functions fully as described
my customer very pleased with the product.

new toilet seat DIB 750R

Review by on 04th August 2017

slightly disappointed that the nozzle operates statically rather than oscillating, like the USPA appliance I had before.
Please pressure the wash function a second time, to activate the oscillating function, nozzle will then index back and forth

I Recommend this product to everyone

Review by on 23rd June 2017

Shower toilet seat arrived promptly and well packed. Everything needed to install it was included. Instructions were fairly clear, only niggle was the mounting plate has an arrow on it and nothing in instructions to indicate which way it goes. But apart from that fitting was simply. Took less than 30 minutes.
The toilet seat itself is great. After you use it you'll wonder how you managed without one

Good, not great bidet seat

Review by on 29th April 2017

This bidet seat replaced a similar one by Hyundai which had worked well for 8 years before the nozzles failed to retract.
The Dib C-750R was a perfect replacement as the water inlet and electric cable positions were similar. The seat fixing method on the Dib is very easy only requiring access to the seat bolt holes from above - very clever.
The Dib remote control isn't so intuitive as for the Hyundai and needs the instruction manual until you are familiar with all the settings and coloured lights. Not a problem except our bidet is used by strangers as installed in a holiday let.
Also, the functions although adequate are less variable and less powerful than the Hyundai's.
Finally, after a holiday let, the bidet failed to work but recovered with rebooting by turning off the power and then reconnecting.


Review by on 26th April 2017

Brilliant does not come close, or, as they say in America...Brilliant, and then some! Do yourself a favour and buy one!

Brilliant - real quality product

Review by on 23rd April 2017

Bought this bidet toilet seat to replace a bio bidet with hand controls which I'd had nothing but problems with. The quality of this is far superior.
Easy to install took 20 mins - water gets nice & hot and the dry function actually works. Hand controls easy to use.
I give this 10 out if 10
The help & Service providered to me by Lucas was first class too I ordered this prior to the bank holiday st 4.45 on and he was still able to process the order before closing for Easter & arrange immediate delivery meaning I was only 48 hrs without a working bidet.
Processed VAT exemption & refund quickly tio

Review your purchase

Review by on 03rd April 2017

After downsizing, and installing new bathroom suite, with area not suitable for traditional bidet,we looked on Web site,saw your site and we're very impressed with display of seats,their description, and functions.Placed order for Dib C750R seat. Unit arrived 2 days after order,very well packaged.Seat installed, using Chrome water control valve supplied. Read user manual, which is basic,and easy to understand, followed all instructions, and within 30 min, all temperatures set, seat functions tried, all ok. These seats are far more hygienic than traditional bidets. Very pleased with everything. Thank you

Great Japanese style loo

Review by on 31st March 2017

I replaced an earlier model Japanese loo seat with this one. That was easy to do and the instructions were fine.
This new model is much quieter and better finished than its predecessor. It works well but their doesn't appear to be a timer so that the wash period ends after a pre-set time. However that isn't too important.
Also the instructions for the use of the loo are not very clear,
We are very happy with our new loo seat and recommend it.

A fantastic unit - how did we ever live without one?

Review by on 27th March 2017

After fast delivery very easy to install and all features worked straight away.

Very efficient cleaning the drying could do with a more powerful fan however you just need to sit a little longer.

A highly recommended addition to the bathroom.

This is the perfect product for anyone who finds they have restricted mobility in their hands and arms

Review by on 05th March 2017

I purchased this product to assist my elderly Mother maintain as much independence as possible in using the toilet. It is proving to be a very useful item to assist in maintaining her health and wellbeing. I have no hesitation in recommending this product to everyone who will listen to me. In fact I have discussed it with every health individual who is involved in my Mother's welfare and every social worker who calls asks if I will show it to them. I spoke to Lucas on two occasions before purchasing this product and he was amazingly informed and helpful

my Aqua- Sigma Dib C-750 wash and dry toilet seat

Review by on 17th February 2017

after contacting many firms about a wash and dry shower unit your company came out the best the service was good we received it after ordering on a Monday and we received on the Tuesday Oscar at your company was very very helpful we had a few teething problems and with his help managed to install it and it has been a very useful investment still playing around with the controls to get it right but it does what is advertised a I am pleased with it
Mrs N. Dunn

Excellent Product and excellent service

Review by on 23rd December 2016

Still new but this product does everything as it said. Installation kit was thorough and included every item which was required for easy and quick installation

Very pleased so far

Review by on 27th November 2016

Had the seat for a few weeks and very pleased with it. Easy to install ,just make sure the electrics are done correctly.
Operation is very easy with the remote control. Drying fan a little cool but still effective.

Works really well.

Review by on 26th September 2016

Well priced, easy to fit and works really well.

Dib C-750

Review by on 09th August 2016

As we lived in Japan and used an electric toilet, we wanted to have one since we moved in England.

Even though the water around the area we live is hard and needs to be treated so it does not build limescale, it is worth for us to buy the item.

The electric toilet seat is easy to use and works well, and we are very satisfied with the purchase.

Great to Have a New Japanese Style Toilet Seat

Review by on 08th August 2016

I love these seats. they make our western customs of using paper only seem barbaric. This seat is small, efficient and works well. Its only drawbacks are the noises it makes each time you sit and the slow speed of the arm. However, these are minor drawbacks as it works wonderfully and that's the most important aspect.

Easy Fit Toilet Upgrade

Review by on 11th July 2016

The Aqua-Sigma Dib C-750R Wash and Dry Shower Toilet Seat is an easy to fit improvement on the standard toilet. This seat converts your toilet into "Toilet Bidet" Once fitted I wondered how I managed without it :-)

Excellent product

Review by on 14th June 2016

I experienced the shower toilet during a trip to Japan. Liked it so much that I decided I wanted something similar in my UK home. Order process was very simple and product was delivered in a couple of working days. It does all I want it to do. I am very pleased with it.


Review by on 09th April 2016

Very good product, works well.

Satisfied Customer

Review by on 09th April 2016

Great product for the elderly with mobility problems. Fast delivery well packed would recomend

Great Product

Review by on 20th February 2016

Ordered on Tuesday, delivered am on Wednesday, installed pm Wednesday. You can't get better than that.
This was a replacement for our original Hyundai Bidet seat, which is no longer available. The instructions were straightforward, the unit is sleek, the remote control is much more compact and user friendly. We would thoroughly recommend both the company and the product.

Aqua-Sigma toilet seat

Review by on 07th August 2015

Excellent product. Works extremely well. Definitely worth the money. Good sales service too. Easily installed.

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Dib C-750R Wash & Dry Toilet Seat. remote controled


Shower toilet seat that washes and dries you, the ultimate in elegance, luxury, hygiene and comfort. Pure white Wash and Dry Shower Toilet Seat with remote control.
Please click "view more information" tab to be directed to the product page for full specification details and Installation guide. To compare features of all models click the Feature Comparison tab.
Before purchasing please ensure you check the Measurement & Installation chart on the product page to ensure this seat will fit your toilet bowl or copy and paste following link in to your browse:
Manufactured in Korea. Free U.K. and EU delivery in 2 ~ 5 days from receipt of order

In stock

Free UK delivery in 2-5 days

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delivery available

Product Description

Bidet Shower Toilet Seat: The Aqua-Sigma Dib C-750R rRemote controlidet shower toilet seat washes and dries you whilst remained seated on your toilet. The seat is designed for retrofitting on to your current toilet to convert into a bidet shower toilet, the ultimate in elegance, luxury, hygiene and comfort. Pure white Japanese style Wash and Dry Shower Toilet Seat. 

Before purchasing please ensure you Check the Toilet Measurement & Installation guide PDF to ensure the seat will fit your toilet bowl by clicking HERE

Click HERE to download the Dib750 series seat template, the template is in 6 A4 sheets which can be printed off and sellotaped together to make a full-size seat template, this will enable you to judge how the seat will align to your toilet pan.

Installation requirements.

  • A fully compliant power source to the seat (in U.K. to BS7671) and located within 1.5m of centre line of toilet (240V 50Hz 1.7Kw max) suggest located on the right facing pan.
  • A mains water supply of between 0.07 Mpa (0.7 bar) and 0.74 Mpa (7.4 bar) pressure. The inlet for the seat water supply is on the left facing the toilet pan.
  • Before Installing, if you have any doubts or require further technical information please call 01442 843746. Click HERE to view a video of a typical seat installation guide.

General Specification

  • Posterior cleansing with a variable spray
  • Feminine cleansing
  • Variable spray (5 settings)
  • Adjustable wand position (5 settings)
  • Aerated bubble spray
  • Kids function (reduced temperature and water pressure settings)
  • Pulse and massage function
  • Power wash (enema)
  • Stainless steel wand, ABS rose
  • Continuous or with a variable flow for better cleansing action
  • Warm water with variable temperature setting (4 levels)
  • Heated seat with variable temperature setting (4 levels)
  • Warm air dryer with variable temperature setting 
  • Deodorizer
  • Instant continuous water heating
  • Automatic & Intelligent energy saving function
  • Soft touch remote control handset with wall dock
  • Side mounted supplementary buttons
  • Automatic cleaning of the wands before and after each use
  • Soft closing seat and lid
  • Touch activated on/off sensor to prevent overspray
  • Self diagnosis 
  • Easy installation on existing toilets; Adaptable to most standard fixtures
  • Colour: Pure white
  • Click HERE to download PDF of the user manual

Technical Specification:

Power rating and energy consumption

  • Power rating: AC 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Maximum power consumption: 1670 W
  • Electrical Safety Protection  (Temp fuse, temp sensor, thermo switch)
  • Power cord length: 1.8 m
  • Intelligent energy saving function
  • Potable Water: Pressure 0.7 ~ 7.5 Bar / Atm 


  • Wash water volume: 0.7 l/min
  • Bidet water volume: 0.7 l/min
  • Power wash water volume: 0.6 l/min
  • Pressure control 5 settings
  • Water temp' ambient to  38 °C
  • Safety Device: Temp Fuse
  • Water heater capacity : 1600 W

Heated seat

  • Heated Seat: Temperature Adjustable ambient to 42 °C
  • Safety Device: Temp Fuse
  • Power Consumption: 55 W


  • Temperature, ambient to 50 °C
  • Safety Device: Temp Fuse Bi-metal
  • Power Consumption: 250 W


  • The integral fan and activated carbon filter neutralises odours by forcing odours to abandon their bond with outside air and be absorbed in the carbon.
  • The seat deodoriser extractor fan starts automatically when seat is occupied.


  •  1½ year years manufacturers warranty  

International Certification

  • CE, UL, c/UL Certified


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